who does this

Ok, I was having a perfectly fine day at work when all of a sudden I hear a handle jiggling down the hall.  I look in front of me, patients are entering, patients are leaving and patients are interacting with the front desk.  (Que time slow down) I think to myself, everyone is where they should be….who would be back there?  Maybe the painters came by to see what they have to do tomorrow……(back to real time)  door opens…….. Patient walks out!

(Let me set this up for you.  In efforts to make the whole place look semi normal for patients, the employee only area is stacked with boxes, dirty, and just finished construction on a bathroom door.)

So instead of being cool and finishing walking a patient out of the lobby and then finding out why the patient was in the back area……I blurt out really loud…..Why is (patient name) coming  out from the back area?  (I have no idea what happened to my filter at that moment) Immediately patients start getting uncomfortable and saying “I didn’t tell her to go back there!”

Here’s the conversation that followed….  “How did you end up behind the scenes?”  “Well I needed to go to the bathroom and a patient said that it was down the hall!  I turned the light on in the hall and found the bathroom.  I realized it was your bathroom but I had to go, so I went.  You didn’t have any soap or towels in there so I went into your kitchen to wash my hands.”

Ok….now that my head is about to explode….can I vent for a moment?  As soon as I opened a door to a dark hall, filled with boxes, I would immediately think “oops, wrong door”  nope, she kept going.  Then you try every closed door until you get to a bathroom still torn apart from just completed construction and you decide “this is the place for me!”  Now you have the balls to complain that there is no soap or towels in the bathroom you clearly are not supposed to be in, so you go into another doorway full of boxes, step over the tool box and mop bucket and wash your hands in my kitchen sink!  I think I just blew a blood vessel!!  My ears are ringing!!!!  Ok…so her defense was…”you didn’t have a sign that said not to go back there!”  Well  she is sort of correct, it wasn’t on the door yet, it was one of the things she stepped over to get to MY BATHROOM AND KITCHEN SINK!!!!

(shakes head)


One Response to “who does this”

  1. Is the steam still coming out of your ears? Why must people be so nosy and invasive? She absolutely knew she was in the wrong place. She probably snoops in people’s medicine cabinets as well….. (sadly shakes head)

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