my new toy

Behold truly the greatest thing since slice bread….mini-side-hover

“Why jennyb, what is this?”, you ask.  Well my friend this is a very tiny life saver!  This little device scans bar codes. “So”, you say.  Hold on I say, doubter.  Let me explain.  This little scanner reads barcodes, and when downloaded into the software will show me information about whatever I scan.  Lets say for instance you are a Chiropractor with lots of reference books.  Lets say you hear about a new book but can’t remember if you already have it or not…well, you can just look in your database that containes all of the books you own.  Each entry will show you a picture of the cover of the book, author, date you purchased, how many copies you own, a brief synopses, the publisher, and how much you paid for it. 

“Well that’s great for that Chiropractor, but how does this apply to me?”, you say.  Great question friend!  This software does the same thing for that wall of cd’s you have up stairs, the wine collection in the cellar, the electronics that you own, and if your favorite pieces of art don’t have a bar code, you can assign one and input your own information into the database.  This feature is very handy in case you ever have anything stolen!

So, your intrigued are you?  Thought so.  You know where to find it!


One Response to “my new toy”

  1. I totally want one!!!! That is so cool!!! Why must they keep inventing things I can’t live without??????? 😉

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