bingo anyone?

Ok, I have just returned from one of the best experiences ever.  I call it group.  No, not that kind of group.  This kind of group…..30 to 40 retirees and close to retirees and me chatting about the wonders of the mac, the internet, the iphone, early bird specials, and bowel movements.  We ask questions, watch presentations, break for snacks and coffee (of course) that are provided, and then there are giveaways!!   I love group!! 

I will now introduce you to my new best friend Wilma.  We hit it off right at the start!  Her speech patterns remind me of Phylicia Rashad.  She impressed me with her desire to learn more about the mac and the computer in general.  She has only had a computer for about 5 years.  She says she does not want to be left behind, “You can’t get anything done these days without having computer knowledge”, “I used to say, do this for me, and it would get done.  I have to start learning to do it myself”

Stay tuned for more fabulous quotes from Wilma and updates from group!

Here’s hoping I have a winning raffle ticket next time….cross your fingers!


2 Responses to “bingo anyone?”

  1. Ah, Wilma! An inspiration and reminder to all of us to keep up with the times!!!

  2. that’s my baby, folks. You’re welcome.

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