Wow are we ever having fun!  Just to catch all of my blog reader up to speed, I will quickly run through what we have been experiencing.  After leaving Idaho, we pretty much traveled all day on Saturday so our first full day in LA was Sunday.  We went to a once a month flea market at the Rose Bowl.  Now I know that might not sound fun, but this one has over 2000 vendors and is considered to be one of the biggest.  It did not disappoint!

We were in mid-century modern heaven!  But you could get anything that you want here.  No matter what decorating style you like, they had it!  Almost as important as the contents of the market was the opportunity for people watching!  Fantastic!!!  Observe…..

Oh I have more….but this is just a teaser!  

After the market, we went to Venice Beach and the famous Muscle Beach…..you know I had to work out there….I used to be a huge Arnold fan.

We then went back to the hotel and collapsed!!  Wow we can’t keep up this pace!!!

Today we went to see Grauman’s Chinese Theater and the Hollywood walk of fame.  Along the way we managed to catch a glimpse of the Hollywood sign.  The road we had to travel to get to this made Colista very car sick, so we are lucky to have these photos.  Colista you are such a trooper!!

Now we are back in the hotel….exhausted again!!!  Stay tuned, more tomorrow!


One Response to “hollywood”

  1. WOW! You guys are packing it all in!!! Glad you’re having fun!

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