and we’re off!

Well friends we are finally in route to our first destination! Lawsey-be am I ever happy to be in a plane!

We got into Orlando last night, had a decent nights sleep, up at 5 am and off to the airport. Wonder of wonders we breezed through security due to my ever astute girl spotting a small sign that said “experienced travelers”! Oh you had better believe we crawled over people to get in that line! So after leaving a small wake behind us we hopped aboard the tram to vacation bliss!
Hoping for a first class upgrade, our dreams of coushy seats and a complementary hot towel were thrown to the floor and stomped! You will no doubt be impressed to know that we did not cry…not these girls…..we kept a stiff upper lip and are crammed in like little sardines with all the rest of the commoners!
We have made some nice friends on tie 4 1/2 hour flight, Mr. Stare-y Guy wearing a human resources shirt (me thinks he needs to read his own handbook…staring in not polite sir), Ms close talker flight attendant, ms scary who told you that was a good look eyelashes, and Colista’s new boyfriend that she rubbed up against trying to get back from the bathroom…her words…”I just officially have been closer to a man than I have ever been!”. We don’t know if it was considered 1st or 2nd base though. We keep ourselves open to new experiences!!
So we have less than an hour left to get to Salt Lake and we are currently flying over beautiful Colorado! We will then fly to Spokane and drive 2 hours to Sandpoint Idaho.

Here are some pictures from the plane over Salt Lake.


One Response to “and we’re off!”

  1. Girl!!! You take such beautiful pictures! ROFLMAO when I read about Colista’s new boyfriend. HI LAR I OUS!!!! Glad you’re having fun!

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