cool new ride!!

In attempts to reduce fuel consumption we purchase these cool new scooters.

World meet Maude and Rhoda. 

I know that it is obvious which one is which, so no further introduction is necessary!  These things are so much fun!  We have to take a motorcycle safety course to get an endorsement on our license since this scooter is a 250cc.  In Florida a motorcycle endorsement is required on any scooter bigger than a 50cc.  Even though the class is a hassle and it is going to be a month before we can even take the class, (lots of people buying scooters and motorcycles!)  we think it will be good to have the experience.  We are safety girls afterall! 

Does anyone know where I can get a jacket with fringe hanging from the sleeves? (someone I know just cringed)  So, no, really, we are in a gang now…a scooter gang!  You see, I am a gang member from way back.  My first gang was in the 4th grade.  We had 3 members.  Me, stringy blonde haired pasty white girl, Frank, light skinned african american tall lanky boy, and VERY dark skinned african american chunky tall Jeffrey.  They were my peeps!  I loved those two boys!  I digress, back to the tough gang talk.  We were the dragons! eeeeee! Did you just shiver at the mention of our name? I thought so!  Anyway, we had jackets, (no fringe), mine was a pale yellow Members Only jacket that I dug out of the dumpster behind the TG&Y!  Wow I hope my mom doesn’t read this!  And in case the ewww factor just kicked in I don’t live in a house with 14 cats as adult and I now buy my clothes.  I was in the 4th grade people, there was a perfectly good jacket, sweatshirt, rockem sockem robots game and large cardboard box in that dumpster! Treasure to me!! 

Ok, back to the gang jackets.  We drew a dragon on the back sort of like this…

However, if I am being honest, it probably looked like this…

Well to give Frank credit, at 10 years old he was a very good artist, so I am sure it looked better than the picture above! 

Now to the ugly truth about gangs children.  One of our “things” was to torment Wilamena.  I don’t belive it was a covanant in our bylaws, but it was understood, constantly tease Wilamena about her severe case of cooties!  Those of you that know me can pick your jaws up off of the floor!  Yes, I was a bully, and I am not proud of it.  I am truly sorry Wilamena, and if I knew where you were I would appologize in person!  I have reformed.  My new gang will be do-gooders!  We will help little old lady’s across the street, rescue kittens and puppy’s, and make citizens arrests to those that rip the tags off of their mattresses! 

So watch out evil-doers, the….the….well we don’t have a name yet, but you can bet this scooter gang is watching!!


One Response to “cool new ride!!”

  1. I am horrified that my best friend used to be a bully! Poor Wilamena! Thank goodness you have reformed! Oh, and I LOVE your drawing of a dragon. Adorable!

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