Starting to be a grown up

I am starting to see the beginnings of a grown up house!  Oh we have gotten rid of dorm furniture quite a while ago but figuring out our style and not wanting to just throw something on the walls to cover a space has made for a bare house for a few years. (a lot of years)  Our process tends to entail coming up with an idea for a piece of furniture or a wall hanging and then spending a year looking for it!!  Well as luck would have it we stumbled on an estate sale with 15 minutes to spare and completely on a whim stopped to look around.  The house was old and was surrounded by lush plantings.  Upon entering the house you could tell that it was stuck in a time other than now…..a great time…..a time period in which we are trying to decorate our house….the 60’s!  Our eyes were darting around faster than our brains could process but we immediately saw a buffet with a hutch on top that we knew right away needed to be ours!!!  There was a table and 6 chairs next to it and the whole bit was made out of teak.  We eventually came home with all of it and it looks fantastic in our home.  So after a period of shifting furniture around the house is starting to look like we have a style and our act together!!  No more milk crates and soloflex posters!!!  ahhh I love it!!


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