pleasing to my ears

Music is a HUGE part of my life.  In my home growing up, we always had some kind of music playing.  I thank my parents for that, and for the diversity of music that was played.  We might be dancing around to Sam Cook and then put on Willie Nelson, and later in the day put on a Best Of classical album that would start my brother and myself to act out scenes in cartoons, namely Bugs Bunny, that used classical music in chase scenes and the like.  So, needless to say, I still have a very diverse palate in my musical taste.  I will share some of my recent samplings that I am obsessed with. (oh, did I mention that I can be a little obsessive with things….listening to a certain song, what I eat for lunch….yikes I am a piece of work!)

Give these a chance!

The first selection is from the musical Taboo.  The story is partially about Boy George and the music was written by Boy George.  This video is not very good, however it shows the amazing talent of Euan Morton.  He played Boy on stage.  This is from an appearance on the Today Show.

Wow am I irritated that I can’t get this player embedded into my post!!  Am I an idiot?  They talk about how easy it is to put it right in there and oh boy will you have hours of fun listening to all those cool songs you love right there on a neat old timey cassette tape!  Bah! You lie!  You can’t do it!!!  So, just click the link and imagine that it was looking at you right below this post!




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