What’s the hold up?

Ok, so I have uncovered my blogging stage fright. (see previous post)  I am worried about whether my posts will be interesting, engaging, thought provoking……. you get the idea.  I happen to be an educated individual, and you think that this realization would have been evident early on, however it took me some time to process and realize that I HAVE NO READERS OF MY BLOG!!!  So, Miss “I Can’t Perform In Front Of All Of Those People!”….YOU HAVE NO PEOPLE!!!!  (long pause) i don’t? (sniff, sniff)

Wow, so it seems that I can talk about anything I want whether it is interesting or not!  So to those of you that somehow through sheer misfortune stumble across this blog, don’t worry with the content, just admire the picture in my header…I took it in my back yard and if I do say so myself, it is a cool picture!

From now on I will be carefree in my blogging!!!



One Response to “What’s the hold up?”

  1. Hello, my friend! Sorry it has taken me this long to check out your blog. For some reason, I didn’t think you were starting until your Hollywood trip! Duh!!! That is why today (the day you are leaving) I am checking out your blog…. I’m an idiot!

    Your devoted fan club president,


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