Oh My!

Wow, I recently made the very scary plunge into the Mac World from PC Land!  I have 11 plus PC’s and am fairly savvy in PC land, however the Mac is definitely different.  I know all you Mac-ees around the globe will say that it is much easier to use than a PC and that may be true, but the switch is a little different when the names are all changed.  I found a book called Switching to the Mac by David Pogue  that does exactly what I need.  He tells you what the process, button, or application is on the PC and then tells you what it will be on the Mac…genius!!!

So now back to the MacBook Pro.  Eeeeee!  Wow is it gorgeous!!!  I also got a book from the Apple Pro Training Series for the Final Cut Express 4software which is an amazing training tool.  The book comes with a cd to download clips that they will guide you through editing as you read along in the book.  This is a very effective way to learn the software!!

I am loving my Mac like everyone said I would! (props to Bren)  Ipod, Iphone, and now MacBook Pro! ahhhh!

MacBook Pro is a computer with JAZZ HANDS!!


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