I have lots of ideas.  I love the idea of blogs.  I have for a very long time. I have even had a few blogs…with one or two…….at the most 12 entries.   I have lots of ideas.  None of which make it to a blog.  Why is that?  Lazy?  Perhaps.  More likely it seems that I get a severe case of writers block when I sit down at the computer!!!!  It is so bad that I think I may get transient amnesia and I can’t even remember all of the good ideas that I had.  Now mind you, the amnesia is very selective, I can remember what a computer is and how to use it.  I also can get lured away from my blog site to one of my various other blogs I read. (you know, by the people who don’t suffer from this affliction that I have.  lucky people)  So, I guess that it is some form of amnesia associated with a particular activity.  Well, I guess it is official, I have Blognesia.  I am getting help.  Hopefully it will work.  I have lots of ideas. (sigh)


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